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LeadWell Accelerator events to maximize your kingdom impact

Focus Forward for accelerated results

In LeadWell Accelerators, we’ll explore together some of the most pressing issues of our time – drawing on the wisdom of thought leaders, the insights of key research and the power of community to navigate this unique season. Join us as we tackle these topics, together.

What to Expect from LeadWell Accelerators


Experience a 90 minute online interactive learning cohort.


Draw insights from thought leaders and practitioners via both a panel discussion and a featured keynote.

Impact and Application

Unpack the hot topics of the day and come away inspired and with a plan for your next steps.

Multiplication by the Numbers

Groundbreaking Research from Dr. Warren Bird  

For many years now, Dr. Warren Bird, ECFA’s Senior Vice President of Research and Equipping, has been the go-to source for groundbreaking research for multisite churches.  In 2022, ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) launched a survey titled “The New Faces of Church Planting and Multisiting” to gather data for his recent series of reports.  Join us to get the latest information on multiplication topics including launch costs, funding sources, self-sustaining timelines and more.

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 LeadWell Accelerator PAST Events 

When Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore

2.22.22, 10:00-11:30 AM  CST

It’s time to lean into what is. Not what was, and not what we hope might be. Together let’s face this new reality and ask God to bless it. We’ll unpack what this means in various areas of ministry with a panel of practitioners including David Grant, 12Stone, Ashley Anderson, Church of the City and Jon Torres, Timberlake Church. We’ll also learn about emerging trends from our featured keynote, Kadi Cole.

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Multisite - The Next Wave

4.28.22, 10:00-11:30 AM  CST

Whether you’re trying to reinvent your multisite church model to better fit the current realities or you are exploring how to launch a successful multisite approach, this Accelerator will reveal new models and methods to invigorate your church. This event will feature some of the most experienced voices in the multisite arena including keynote, Larry Osborne.

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Where Did All the People GO?

8.30.22, 10:00-11:30 AM CST

While most churches have been back in the building for a while now, the return of volunteers has been sparse at best, helping your people take the next step in discipleship continues to be a challenge and outreach ideas seem a little stale. In short, folks are asking Where Did All the People Go?  This event will provide answers to those questions from Jessica Bealer, Blue VanDyke and Matt Engel.

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