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Discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be. Our custom consulting is designed to help you meet today’s challenges while creating a path to tomorrow’s growth and enhanced kingdom impact.


One of the challenges of being a multisite church is that it adds new layers of complexity and strain on leaders that are already operating at full capacity. And in today’s uncertain season, it is likely time to reimagine your multisite approach. Our process helps you diagnose, dream, decide, develop and drive as your church adapts multisite to your context.


There are seasons in every church where a team must lean in and solve a pressing problem or maximize an opportunity. Our process helps you uncover solutions for the season you’re in and execute these strategies with speed and effectiveness. We help you leverage change for positive impact.


Every church and organization needs more and better leaders at all levels. Often a back to basics approach in establishing the foundational culture and systems of healthy leader development can be effective. You may also need to take your leadership development to the next level with a residency or intern program. We can help you design high-quality transformational experiences and processes to train up the next generation of Christian leaders. Our Leader Advance Framework guides you in a clear plan to:

  • assess your church
  • envision your future leadership development program
  • investigate options that fit your context
  • operationalize an implementation plan
  • undertake the plan with coaching


Succession is the intentional transition of authority, responsibility and power from one primary leader to another. Though the senior leader usually seeks to productively transition their own ministry and the life of the church to a new season, the leadership is often not prepared to guide the way. Copying another church or organization’s process rarely works. We can help you develop a roadmap for successful transition that avoids costly detours and leads to enhanced kingdom impact.

Find your true north… Let us show you how


Our process is principle-based — every engagement is fully customized according to the client’s unique needs, goals, and context.  We listen first and facilitate discovery.


You and your team play an integral part of the process. Our solutions are developed in a collaborative manner that increases practicality, accessibility, and client buy-in.


The right solutions set you in the right direction and reduce the number of times you’ll need a course correction. Our clients testify that our solutions are used and impact their work for years to come.

“Whether Greg is facilitating collaborative learning environments or helping your church discover its unique mission and vision, he does it with a grace and wisdom that guarantees an impact.”

Dave Ferguson
Lead Pastor
Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL

“More than one time, Greg has been the “voice” I needed to hear at key and critical times in my pastoral life. Without question, Greg Ligon is a 21st century Barnabas! And there are many ‘Pauls’ out there who love him for it!”

Michael Fletcher
Senior Pastor
Manna Church

“I’ve found Greg’s insights to be incredibly helpful in building a church and discerning what the Spirit is doing in our modern cultural context. I’m thankful for his mind and voice.”

Brian Tome
Senior Pastor
Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnatti

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