leadership coaching to maximize your kingdom impact



Through a unique blend of dialogue, discernment and direction, we help you enhance your leadership skills, grow in key competencies and tackle your leadership lids.


This one-on-one coaching service includes 24 sessions over the course of 12 months. Sessions are virtual and pricing includes required assessments and access to coaching tools.

LeadWell Plus

This coaching program includes one-on-one coaching plus in-person coaching and curated leadership resources delivered quarterly.

LeadWell Enterprise

Bring the power of coaching to your team. Accelerate the impact of your own coaching by providing one-on-one coaching for members of your team.

LeadWell Groups

Some leaders process best in peer learning environments. LeadWell Groups gives you access to the Ligon Group coaching process in a cohort setting with leaders in a similar role from other organizations.

Find your true north… Let us show you how


Our process is principle-based — every engagement is fully customized according to the client’s unique needs, goals, and context.  We listen first and facilitate discovery.


You and your team play an integral part of the process. Our solutions are developed in a collaborative manner that increases practicality, accessibility, and client buy-in.


The right solutions set you in the right direction and reduce the number of times you’ll need a course correction. Our clients testify that our solutions are used and impact their work for years to come.

“When I find someone willing to share with me that level of truth, it’s easy for me to start letting them into my closest circle of influence. Coach Greg has been that type of honest with me and my leadership influence has improved because of it.”

Pastor Don Norman
Chief Administrative Officer & Directional Team Pastor
Our Savior’s Church, Lafayette, LA

“Greg and Susan are two of my favorite wise, ‘go-to’ friends. They are strategic thinkers, brilliant problem solvers and both come with a wealth of ministry and market experience. I have benefitted personally from Greg’s Executive Coaching as a former CEO and recommend him highly.”

Sherry Suratt
Director of Leadership Strategy

“They are skillful coaches who know and understand systems and processes but also understand the complexity within which leaders have to work. They bring their faith and wisdom to bear on all they do. I could not recommend them more highly.”

Steve Moore
Executive Director
Murdock Charitable Trust

Don't delay maximizing your impact

If you’re waiting for the right moment to take a step forward, this is it. You’re here because you know you need to accelerate your results and live on-mission! Don’t keep wondering if you should — schedule a call right now!

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